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Need funds but do not want to liquidate your investments? Life is always evolving, and so are your financial needs. While you may have investments to rely on, liquidating them can trigger tax liabilities. It can also impact your future financial returns and goals. A Loan Against Securities (LAS) can be the solution to your financial problems.

At Alend Finance, we provide a loan against securities, such as a loan against shares or a loan on mutual fund that helps you gain immediate access to capital. With the loan against securities, you can truly unlock the potential of your investments. All you have to do is pledge your equity shares, mutual funds, bonds, or debt securities and get access to instant liquidity.

Our loan against securities offers you double benefit - easy access to funds up to Rs. 40 crores while you continue to earn Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) against your financial assets. What makes this more attractive is that we offer the loan against securities with zero convenience, foreclosure, and prepayment charges.

Do you know that your home holds the key to your future? Whether you want to expand your business, or you need funds for your personal use, our Loan Against Property will cover all your financial needs. We offer an array of attractive options based on your specific needs along with flexible property loan tenure and attractive interest rates..

Our loan on property has unrestricted usage and can be used to avail a Loan against property, mortgage loan against property, business loan against property, and much more.

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